Thingyan Water Festival

Today is the third day of “Thingyan Water Festival” which is the most beautiful and exciting festival in our country. It is celebrated at the end of our Burmese year so as to welcome new year. It is held normally for 4 days but sometimes 5 days in accordance with the Burmese calendar. This year is 1375 for our burmese year and on 17th April 2014 at dawn, it will be 1376 as a day we recognized is not the same as others. Generally, people around the world recognize a day from 12:00 am to 11:59 pm but for us, a day starts from the dawn and ends on the next day just before dawn. This is the only festival in which all the people across the country participate and enjoy. Not only in Myanmar (burma) but in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and even in some states in China, people also celebrate this, the name of the festival is different, though. So, I’m really missing this festival. Most young people, including me, throwing water to each other during this festival, but some people, especially elder people usually go to meditation centre to practice meditation as our country is Theravada Buddhism. In addition, some people donate Burmese traditional foods like “Mont lone yay paw” to everyone passing by and playing with water. On the first day of new year, we usually do merits such as taking Sabbath, going to pagodas and buying alive animals like chicken, fishes to save their lives from butchering. Some young people usually wash their grandparents hairs and cut their nails on that day as a merit. I never missed this festival and this is the first time I’m away from my country during this festival. Now I’m listening to the Thingyan songs. Just like me, everyone in my country always listen to those songs when the festival is drawing near. Oh… I feel missing more as I write this post… That’s terrible for me!


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