Burmese gathering at Cale court…

10177986_10201754579762057_358627730687713932_nWe did “Mont lone yay paw”, the Burmese traditional food, which we usually eat in Thingyan Water Festival. Moreover, we did Vermicelli salad, which is Rakhine Traditional food. Rakhine is one of the ethnic groups in our country and most of them live in Rakhine State which is located in western part of our country. Burmese students in caledonian court came and joined this party. We also treated these foods to other students in that flat. However, they said that Vermicelli salad was quite spicy and they can’t eat. As for us, we are used to it and we don’t feel spicy. But some people have some coursework and they wanted to go back early. So we finished party before 9 pm, which is just started at 7 pm. Before going back home, we throw water each other as a celebration of Thingyan Water Festival, even though the weather is cold outside. Whatever, we enjoyed that moment although we could not participate in the real festival in our country.



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