Burmese gathering


This is the gathering of Burmese people at Buccleuch. I really appreciate to my friends who held this home party especially Ma Zin Zin Htet, Zinme Phonemyint, Ain Ngin Bauzil and Wut Yee Win. They treated us with Traditional Myanmar foods, Tofu nway and Pork stew. Actually Tofu nway is Shan’s (one of the major ethnic groups in my country) food. I won’t forget these luscious foods. 18 people, in total, came to this party, amongst 16 are burmese guys. However, those are not all the Burmese folks in glasgow as some didn’t make it that night. We didn’t meet each other very often as we had to study and follow our own careers, we live in the same city, though. We shared our feelings and experiences we met here and in home town. Some people talked about their future and dreams, and others gave advice and suggestions for them. Some guys opened up about their failures and the others motivated them with their past experiences and how they past their hurdles. What a night for us! We started the party at 6 and went back home around 11pm. This is a quite short moment for me but really invaluable and so relaxing… Hope we will meet again soon although we don’t have much free time.


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