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Meet Career Advisor

I met a career advisor this morning at career service centre. I’ve got lots of information about job seeking and how to write a good CV which is relevant to each job position. Moreover, she pointed out the strengths and weaknesses in my CV and explained the formats, which can be changed, depending on the individual’s strength. Then, we discussed about job shadowing and how to contact the employers to do this. It only takes about 30 minutes but I think it’s worth going there.


Going to the Fair?

Career centre hosted a session named “Going to the Fair?” which provides information for students, who want to go to Spring Graduate Fair 2014. This fair will take place on University of Glasgow, where many exhibitors will come and recruit. Actually, they don’t offer the jobs. Instead, they will explain about graduate opportunities and we can check the potential vacancies and skills that they need. Moreover, we can also have the chance to talk to the employers. Don’t miss it! It will be held on 5th March 2014 between 10 am to 5 pm at Glasgow University Union. It is open to all students and graduates from all universities.


Today, I joined the personal development workshop, which is one of the student leadership programs. The title is personal well-being facilitated by GCU positive living team. They explained what mindfulness is and its benefits in daily life. It is a kind of meditation, just focussing on what our mind is feeling or thinking. We need to do only 10 minutes a day to reduce stresses encountering in life. I hope this can also improve our concentration or attention power, which is necessary for our studying. We practiced 2 sections during this workshop, each for 10 minutes, and they gave instructions what we have to do. This made my mind refresh and I felt quite comfortable after that workshop. Cool program… And now I’ve decided that I will try to practice meditation everyday…

Sexual Health Awareness

Sexual Health Awareness at Saltire Centre

Sexual Health Awareness at Saltire Centre

I participated as a volunteer in Sexual Health Awareness Program held by Glasgow Caledonian University Well-being Campaign. This is my third time to involve in this campaign. Today, my shift is from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. with Sinead Wylie, Gcusa VP Well-being. We took surveys about sexual health on GCU students and offered a lot of free condoms. Some people felt shy when we asked if you’d like to have some free condoms. Some people, however, took a lot of condoms as much as they can. It’s really funny and the time went by very quickly. That’s a great moment and I did a great job today.

Graduate Job Search

Today, I attended Graduate Job Search Program delivered by Students Career Centre. I’ve got a lot of job search resources and links. Besides, I acknowledged how to prepare myself ahead of seeking a job. This program was very valuable and informative one for me as I had a chance to know the glossaries about employability such as graduate training scheme, placements, internships and so on. Now, I’ve decided to make an appointment with a GCU career adviser next week following updating my CV to review ahead of job search and applications.

Moreover, Ben from International Student Support Service gave a briefing about UK VISA conditions before starting this program. It took just about 20 or 30 minutes but got some interesting facts about UK VISA. What a day for me!